WLCGA Coronation Medal final at Upavon on 9 October 2016

Having won the Club qualifying competition, Helen Walker went through as the Cumberwell Ladies representative with fellow Cumberwell golfer, Caroline Row.  In this county final, Helen won the Division 1 group and came 2nd overall with a nett 73 on count back.

Congratulations to Helen Walker on her achievement. (pictured below with her trophy)


Winter 2016


The relatively dry autumn has allowed us to make good progress with extending pathways as well as improving existing ones. Last winter highlighted the need to extend pathways and we have prioritised the worst areas. The initial aim was to excavate the area for the new paths and haul the bulk of the path material whilst ground conditions were suitable. This method has paid off as we can now spend time finishing the paths and adding a topping layer. When constructing paths, we have to consider how the path will behave during periods of heavy rain. You will have noticed we camber the paths in some areas in an attempt to shed the water off on to the grass. Paths that have been completed or are in progress include: 2nd tee area, 3rd tee area, 3rd green/4th tee area, 5th green/6th tee area, 7th green/8th tee area, 11th tees to fairway, 11th green to 12th tees, 13th tees to 13th green, 14th tees to fairway, 15th tees to fairway, 17th tees to fairway. The main aim of these pathways is to aid trolley and foot traffic through areas prone to mud. Please make use of them where appropriate.


A number of bunkers require major re-modelling whereas other just require the sand to be replaced. This will start once we have made further progress with the pathway improvements.

We have a number of bunkers which have suffered from contamination as a result of the excessive winter rain. Flood water has carried fine soil particles into the bunkers which, over a period of time, has restricted the ability of many bunkers to drain. The work will involve removing all contaminated sand, checking drains and replacing with new sand.

There are several bunkers on the orange course that will require more substantial works to improve them. The bunkers on the 32nd fairway absorb much of the surrounding fairway water meaning they often washout and fill with water. We will need to redirect surface water to remedy this. The base of these bunkers are very stony so this will be replaced by clay.


Matt James
Course Manager

On a blustery day, over 40 ladies took part in the Autumn Meeting competition followed by a meal and prize giving and the announcement and presentation of further monthly medal and trophy winners.

Under the theme of Halloween, the Lady Captain, Mel Probert and members of the committee entertained everyone to a dance performance of ‘Thriller’ amidst a Halloween background and Michael Jackson on film.

This delighted and amazed the Ladies and a welcome thanks was given to Mel & the committee as well as Sue Warren as Choreographer. Even Michael Jackson made an appearance!

ladiesautumn3 ladiesautumn1 ladiesautumn2
ladiesautumn6 Winners of the ‘Ghost’ Team:

Angela Hannam, Suzanne Carten &
Theresa Cogswell with Mel.

Winners of the 9 hole Competition:

Patsy Lewis & Ellie Osbourne with Mel

Autumn Meeting Competition

Winner: Angela Clements
Runner-Up: Lucy James
Third: Jean Relph
Fourth: Angela Hannam

Nearest the Pin:
Louanne Proudfoot & Fiona Snape

ladiesautumn4 ladiesautumn5


Paul Upton pictured below after scoring a hole-in-one in Monday’s Seniors friendly match at Manor House.

Congratulations Paul!


Under blue skies, August 16th saw 82 entrants turn out for the Senior Captains Charity Trophy. From a ‘Shotgun’ start and based on drawn Hi-Lo pairs, the winners Trophy went to Keith Ritch and Peter Palframan.

In parallel with the pairs event and inspired by the return of golf to the Olympics, the opportunity was taken to stage an Individual competition with prizes and medals going to the first three. Seen below is winner Ernie Ferriday who, having received his winners prize from Alan Baker, was decorated with a ‘gold’ medal by Mel Probert the Lady Captain.


Cumberwell Park is an outstanding location not only for a round of golf, but also as a fantastic area for wildlife conservation. We take a great deal of pride in facilitating wildlife breeding throughout the grounds, from the building of a nature pond on the new par three course to the installation and monitoring of bird boxes. This summer we have had a fantastic outcome from both Barn Owls and Kestrels breeding here at Cumberwell Park as a result of work that goes on all year round. To ensure that the boxes remain in a fit state for the birds, myself and course member Keith Wright check them throughout the year for repairs, changes of bedding, and possible evictions of unwanted guests (namely squirrels) ahead of the breeding season.

I have been privileged this year to have had the opportunity of joining Nigel Lewis and his raptor monitoring team in the Wylye Valley area of Wiltshire. Nigel has been monitoring Barn Owls for over thirty years and was very pleased with our success rate here at the golf course as it bucks the trend that he has been finding in other locations throughout Wiltshire. This season we have had two successful breeding pairs of Barn Owls, rearing six chicks between them, and a pair of Kestrels that produced three young. This success rate can, in part, be attributed to the diverse mosaic of habitats that are found on the course and in particular the areas of long grass that you can never find your ball in! The tall, tussock filled, rough on the course is the habitat of many small mammals such as the field vole which are the primary food source of the birds. Barn Owls are known as an ‘indicator’ species which can give a clue to the health of the local food chain and environment. To have two breeding pairs in relatively close proximity alongside the Kestrels illustrates that the long rough areas of the course are ecologically rich and likely support other species such as insects, butterflies and bats. In addition to the Barn Owls and Kestrels, we have also had Little Owls roosting and breeding here at Cumberwell last year and Red Kites have been spotted.

Back in early July we were lucky to be joined for a morning by Emily Joáchim to ring our young chicks. Emily is a raptor ecologist and holds a license to ring Owls and Kestrels. As part of the ringing process each of the young birds, and parents if present, have a small metal ring attached to their leg with a unique code on it that will make the bird identifiable in the future. If a bird is found with a ring on then the code can checked to see where the bird was first ringed or has been found before. During the ringing process the chicks are checked for their general health and condition, weighed, sexed if possible, and has their age established through wing measurement. I am pleased to say that all of the owl and kestrel chicks here at Cumberwell were very well fed and in excellent condition.


conservation1 conservation2

Emily Joáchim on the ringing morning with one of our Barn Owl chicks (above).

Barn Owl chicks are can be ringed between three and seven weeks old and usually fledge at eleven to twelve weeks. The Kestrels are also ringed at three to six weeks old.

Barn Owl and Kestrel breeding has been a great success here at Cumberwell Park this year and hopefully one that we can repeat next year. Keep your eyes peeled for our newest residents next time you’re playing!




Jon Keepen – Head of Conservation, Cumberwell Park

The Annual Lady Captain’s Day brought the sunshine!!. Mel’s theme was a 70’s theme raining money for Age UK. Over 50 ladies took part in a Texas Scramble competition with a welcome ‘Pimms’ and refreshments at a ‘halfway house’.

The 70’s theme continued upstairs in the Hayswood room, where a disco style layout including dance ball and dance floor.

Mel surprised the ladies with entertainment from the Committee members and Mel’s husband Lee. A disco dance choreographed by Sue Warren was performed to ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and great fun was had by all.


lc1 lc2 lc3
Ladies in Fancy Dress Texas Scramble Winner Tracy Edwards,

Angela Clements, Sue Linkins and Pat Mitchell

Ladies Section getting in the spirit of the 70’s